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Ready to dive back into work after maternity leave but unsure where to begin?

You're working, raising children, but feeling stuck both professionally and personally?

Time's tight, tasks endless, and satisfaction's elusive on all fronts?

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone!

Now, imagine there's a solution, and the process of discovering it is enjoyable, positive, in a safe space, and based on result-oriented approach.


Meet my tailored coaching solutions, perfect for every mom needing to realign priorities, take a holistic self-assessment, feel good enough or just redraw her new 'Me'."

When 24h are never

Rearranging family and personal priorities so that time works for you too.

When you're a parent to a young child, you crave growth but feel stuck and afraid.

Better understanding about your personal strengths, explore opportunities, set up goals, and work intentionally toward achieving them.

When you seek a career or change that embraces all your priorities. 

Crafting a detailed plan that integrates all aspects of your life - personal, professional, and family - because we're not just professionals or just mothers.

When you feel "not good enough".

Fostering self-confidence, finding the courage for a positive change, transitioning to  believing in oneself and their strenghts.

I cannot find my session topic under the "Services" tab.

I want to know what to expect during private sessions.

I want to know what coaching really is.

Here's what you can expect:

Free first introductory 1:1 session

This session sets the stage for our journey together. In just 60 minutes, you will get the chance to uncover your what, why, and how. You'll decide if I'm the coach you will be happy to work with and if we're ready to dive in your journey. 

Schedule flexibility

Finding 'just' one hour can be extremely challenging, especially for parents. That's why I offer flexibility - online meetings or in-person in Sofia, on weekends, as well as between 18:00 and 19:00. Access to an online scheduling system, literally just two clicks away.

Package of 4 individual coaching sessions x 60 minutes each

I am committed to achieving your goals and results. The package service ensures your personal commitment to achieving your goals as well.

Confidentiality and safe space environment.

And last but not least - during our work together, we'll maintain full confidentiality. You won't hear 'should,' but rather, I'll work with you with an open mind and the perspective that you have the knowledge, skills, and qualities to achieve your what and why.

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