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Targeted solutions for your company

Are you a people-first company?

Is your organization fueled by the belief that corporate culture propels business forward?

Are you a business leader championing diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity?

By investing in solutions for mothers (and fathers) returning to the company after parental leave, you will:

 Все още се колебаете? 

Може да започнете с това да разберете повече какво е коучинг, как работи и какво можете да очаквате при пътвия си разговор с мен от тук, а аз ще съм на среща при всякакви въпроси. :)


Coaching methodology shines bright as a stellar alternative to traditional retention methods, especially tailored for Millennials and Gen Z.


Trainings, workshops, and mentorship programs are fantastic development tools. But targeted investment in working mothers and fathers would further foster long-term engagement and development of both talent and business.


Stand out from the crowd by showing that employee care, inclusivity, and equal opportunities are your organization top priorities (for real).


Elevate employee engagement and satisfaction as they tap into external expertise, aligning company mission with their own values and strengths to achieve exceptional results.

Because the data says:

12.6%* is the gender pay gap in Bulgaria 
*Data from Bulgaria.

37%* of women feel significantly insecure when returning to work after motherhood.
*Data from the UK.

40%* of women are in management positions and only 24% are board members.

*Data from Bulgaria

14%* from all employees feel engaged at work

*Data from Europe; 21% is the rate world-wide

The lack of career development is among the leading reasons for leaving.
*Global data according to McKinsey

Women traditionally underestimate their knowledge and skills, which calls for excellent managerial approach.
*Data from Europe

I'm ready to champion your organization's mission by:

Return-to-work tailored programs for parents

Tailored solutions for parents post-leave. Programs that seamlessly reintegrate, boost productivity, and foster engagement. Crafting a win-win strategy for both sides.

Leadership support

Customised programs for forward-thinking leaders who know diversity fuels talent and innovation. Solutions that smoothly integrate working moms/dads back after parental leave.

Best practices

Unlock a bespoke toolkit of tailored materials and best practices designed exclusively for your company's success. Ready to integrate seamlessly into your processes, with or without my expert guidance.

Workshops for all employees

Energize your team with bite-sized in-person or online workshops covering mental wellness, work-life balance, and achieving top-notch results across the board. 

About me

Sofiya Dimitrova

As seasoned facilitator and talent development expert, I'm here to fuel your journey towards the workplace culture that keeps talent thriving. Let's find out together this set of fresh solutions that will empower the heartbeat of every business success - its people.

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