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Coaching with me - what to expect?

Updated: May 13

If you've already read the article "What is Coaching?", then you already have an idea of what you can achieve during this journey. Let's now delve a little more into specifics, what to expect from our collaboration.

Many people believe that coaching will give them direct answers or advice on how to act or solve their problems. In reality, coaching is much more than that.

Free introductory session

This type of service begins with an introductory meeting, which is free for anyone reaching out to me for the first time. During this meeting, you will be asked a few questions about the topic you want to explore, and what you would like to get the most out of coaching services. You do not need to have clear answers right now, but it would be nice to be prepared, even a little bit. You can see sample topics in the "Services" section. Additionally, I suggest taking some time to think about the following two sample questions, which can help you orient yourself on the topic for which coaching partnership with me would be beneficial:

"What do I really want (professionally or personally)?" "Where do I want to get to by working with a professional coach?"

It's perfectly normal if you're still not clear on the topic you want us to work on together. We will clarify all this during our first meeting.

This meeting also aims to establish good rapport, trust, and confidence in our future partnership, which is a cornerstone for achieving your goals.

After the introductory session

At the end of this meeting, it is very likely that you will leave:

- Motivated and with a clearer vision of what you want

- Many clients mention that after this session, they have a specific plan on how to achieve their goals and how their coach can help them

- More focused on their plans with an emphasis on potential opportunities and solutions

What is less likely to achieve with just one meeting?

- Long-term motivation and lasting change - often clients leave their introductory meeting motivated, but realistically, after a few days, they have already lost their initial focus and impulse.

- Clarity about your short and long-term goals, topics, and vision on what, why, when.

WHat's next?

We've already acquainted ourselves, outlined a few steps and ideas on what you want to focus on, built trust, and you've decided that coaching is for you? Great! After our first meeting, we'll clarify the format of our future collaboration. We'll discuss how many sessions you'd like to have, what will be the preferred format - whether online or in person, and anything else you'd like to address before we start.

What you may expect from me?

Being your professional coach you may expect:

  • Confidentiality - everything shared with me remains 100% confidential. You will get your coaching agreement after the introductory session.

  • To be open for your feedback - You can feel free at any time to give me feedback on what works, what doesn't, in your specific case and according to your perspective and values, because in the end of the day, this service is all about you and what works for you.

  • Embracing Growth through Challenges - In order to progress, you may encounter questions that push boundaries. However, in coaching, trust is paramount. When trust is established, these questions serve as catalysts for thought and solution-seeking. Stay open-minded.

  • Emotions during our sessions? Completely normal – there's no need to apologise.

  • Prepare to take ownership of your goals. By the end of each session, you'll decide how to move forward by crafting your next steps toward your goals.

  • If during the sessions it's determined that you need another type of service - therapy, mentoring, training - you will be properly redirected. If necessary, coaching can always continue as a parallel service.

  • Coaching sessions with me are not just productive; they're also enjoyable and inspiring. Tailored to your unique situation, you can anticipate engaging activities, exercises, and an overall enjoyable experience.


Remember, in coaching, the spotlight is on you, not on your coach. While I'll be here to support and guide you every step of the way, ultimately, it's your decisions, values and story, that will drive your goals and ideas forward. As incredible and inspiring as this methodology is for unlocking potential, it requires your active engagement to truly work its magic - I will be there just to support you along the way. Thank you for visiting mu blog and I look forward to being your partner in this journey.


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