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"Working mama" - the story behind

Updated: May 13

From just a story to finding a solution.

What inspired me to create "Working Mama"?

In 2020, many changes occurred for perhaps each of us. Do you remember? For me, it was quite emotional because besides the pandemic that we all faced, I also became a mother for the first time. I ultimately found myself infinitely unprepared for the significant change that the arrival of a child brings. Perhaps some of you can relate. The first year with our daughter passed like a "dream", and shortly after, it was time to return to work, which I awaited with excitement (I do love my job).

From an organisational standpoint, I had planned everything perfectly, and I was fortunate to have an exceptionally supportive employer. However, what I wasn't prepared for were all these emotions, feelings, difficulties in balancing work and motherhood, shifting priorities, and the feeling of guilt. The first few months after my return to work were a bit challenging. I couldn't recognise myself, and all my thoughts and anxieties left me feeling dissatisfied on both fronts. It took me some time to rearrange my goals, set new ones, and overall, rearrange my new world. Along this journey, I realized that the world of working mothers (and why not fathers?) is still "somewhat lonely" in terms of practical solutions for coping and satisfaction when getting back to the workforce.

The "Good mother" and the "Good employee" - are day oxymorons?

I've started understanding that the lebels of the good parent, the good employee and the good mom are in competition constantly and I felt that I would never achieve the standard of being a good mom and the standard of being a best employee. It was hard to me to understand why I cannot manage both role perfectly. Then I managed to shift from "have it all" to "it's good enough". I started looking for solutions, research, data and I identified that it's actually not me only who is trying to comply with the standards of being "great mom" and "exceptional employee".

From idea to solution.

After some hesitation, I've came up with the idea, why not to combine several things I had in my skill set - years of experience in talent development, design of onboarding programs, coaching expertise, corporate experience, and the personal history, to create a solution that would make it easier for mothers /and fathers/ to return to work with ease. Over time, I identified that this couldn't happen without the support of both - employers and team managers. Currently, I'm speaking more and more on this topic with various companies, that are seeking good practices and policies on the return to work after a professional break, as well as targeted solutions for work-life balance that go beyond clichés. The good news is that quite a few organisations embrace the idea positively, and together we are creating the solutions that align with their corporate culture. Now I am working both with individuals and companies to ensure a seamless re-integration process that benefits both your employees and organisations.

What's next?

In one of my earliest sessions with a client about returning to work after motherhood, she shared with me (from memory), "It felt amazing to talk to someone who listens without judgment, allowing me to sketch out a vision for the future, a dream I dare to pursue." It was heartwarming to hear, but what struck me most was the power of support in daring to dream. I firmly believe there's nothing wrong in a woman rediscovering herself after maternity leave. The labels "good employee" and "good mother" are needless; everyone can be "good enough".



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